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Fractured Innocence

Fractured Innocence - Julia Crane I am so happy that I came across this series. The first book did a great job at setting up the sequel. Kaitlyn has quickly became one of my very favorite characters in fiction. She is smart and compassionate plus a total badass.

In addition to Kaitlyn being awesome, I loved how much the guys around her supported and believed in her. They were quick to defend her and had total faith in her which made for some interesting relationships. I loved that I could cheer for the whole team.

Not only do you get Kaitlyn but there is a second kick ass girl in this novel called Aaliyah. I don't want to say anything else about her and give anything away but let's just say she is a fighter in a horrible situation.

I would also like to note that this book has some very serious subject matter. Having been an attack victim myself it hit very close to home and the author's way of dealing with the situation was suburb. It was real and gritty. I like that not all of it was fighting the situation. There was logic and mental breakdown which made for a gripping story that felt believable. Well as believable as a robot novel can be.

Absolutely cannot wait to read more of this series.