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I write comics including Zombies vs Cheerleaders and Grimm Fairy Tales. I also write for the website Giant Nerd Robot. Before going to sleep, I always spend hours reading. It's been a habit since childhood.

Dark Places

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn Cults and cold cases; instantly I was sucked into the world of Libby Day. Overall, this book was pretty good. I didn't like it as much as Sharp Object and Gone Girl but still felt this was a very solid mystery. Elements of the story reminded me a lot of the West Memphis Three case which is something I followed for years and completely believe the guys that went to jail are innocent.

Sidenote, can't wait for Nicholas Hoult to play Lyle. Perfect casting. I think if the movie does well in theatres, he is likely to win awards. He is a great actor and I see this role being something he can really show off his acting chops.