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Killing Ruby Rose

Killing Ruby Rose - Jessie Humphries Go pick up this book. Seriously go get it. Make sure you have nothing important coming up because you wouldn't want to do anything but read once you start.

Alright, that being said, a real review. The book started off feeling like a redo of Veronica Mars. Teen following in her father's career line and tracking criminals. Quickly Ruby became her own character and I didn't compare her to Veronica after that. Ruby reads like a mature high school girl which makes perfect sense when you get all her details about growing up. Her little quirks and social problems make her interesting to read about. The shoe stuff was pretty funny at times.

Humphries creates a non-stop world of danger and mysteries unfolding in ways that I didn't see coming. Despite being a young adult book, this read like a regular mystery. Honestly, the closest series I might compare it to is the Temperance Brennan books. The author's knowledge on things like the law helped make the story very believable. The way Humphries layered new levels of detail and mystery was amazing. Upon finishing the book I actually looked up the author expecting to see a long list of mystery books, thinking maybe she was am established writer that was taking her first stab at young adult. I was shocked to see it was her first book. Excellent debut and I cannot wait to see what comes next from her. This is an author I will follow.