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I write comics including Zombies vs Cheerleaders and Grimm Fairy Tales. I also write for the website Giant Nerd Robot. Before going to sleep, I always spend hours reading. It's been a habit since childhood.

Dearly, Departed

Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel November alt-pick for Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub

I LOVED this book. So many interesting elements to it. I loved how Nora had kind of a sarcastic Sylvia Plath type attitude at times. Some of the zombies having metal parts seemed almost steampunk to me which I thought was cleaver seeing as the novel had other steampunk motifs. Naturally, I loved the dystopian themes as well and thought they were done in a different way than other similar books I had read.

Very happy that I'm going to be talking about this at a book club because I think there is a lot of interesting elements that make for interesting literary conversations.