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I write comics including Zombies vs Cheerleaders and Grimm Fairy Tales. I also write for the website Giant Nerd Robot. Before going to sleep, I always spend hours reading. It's been a habit since childhood.

The Theater and Its Double

The Theater and Its Double - Antonin Artaud, Mary C. Richards I just re-read a little of this. After finishing Strip City I wanted something to read while hanging around the house one day but couldn't decide what to start next so I went with a little out of Theatre. It is one of my all time favorite peices of writing.

I've picked this book apart so many times that this time I decided just to enjoy the words. Artaud had a way with words that I haven't found anyone else close to.

Take for example this paragraph from The Theatre and The Plague (my personal favorite)...

"A social disaster so far-reaching, an organic disorder so mysterious--this overflow of vices, this total exorcism which presses and impels the soul to its utmost--all indicate the presence of a state which is nevertheless characterized by extreme strength and in which all the powers of nature are freashly discovered at the moment when something essential is going to be accomplished."

Seriously, amazing.